The Search

We all set out on the journey of life in search of our own ‘right path’. We discover challenges and opportunities, and react in our own unique way. In a real sense, the choices we make are a reflection of our inner selves, and they reveal our true identity ~ our heart and soul.

“The Search” is my interpretation of that journey, portrayed as a young man reaching into the water. As he stretches his hands beneath the surface, he is reaching, fishing about, unsure of what he will find. As he looks down, his own reflection in the mirror image of the water shows him the way. I feel “The Search” conveys the idea that we already have all that we need, deep within us. Our everyday actions, large and small, on the journey of life will reveal our true nature, but all the answers already lie within. What we truly seek is inside each of us, waiting to be discovered through our own searching.