Our Path



Steel, Concrete


11 1/2′ x 16′ x 4′

Beautiful. Haunting. Interactive. Dramatic. Spectacular.

All words to describe OUR PATH, a monumental, contemporary outdoor sculpture delicately laced with intricate water-jet carvings celebrating the natural world.

Mother Nature … truly the ultimate Sculptor. I am but her messenger.

Inspired by Caravaggio’s Doubting Thomas. His work challenges our perspective on our relationship with God, viewed not from the heavens, not from a ceiling of a church but from a sinner’s perspective.

I approached OUR PATH, this intense environmental Sculpture, with a powerful message, AS A USER. What will our Carbon Footprint be when we leave Mother Earth?

I went back to the forest, I knelt on Mother Earth and I sketched the outlines of her plant life. I took the outlines of the plants and water jet cut them into metal to create the plant forms. Sunlight goes through the plant forms and creates a design on Mother Earth. The shadows around the light move every day and through the seasons. Also, there are three sets of footprints laying nearby. If you were to stand on the first set during the Summer Solstice the shadow would touch your toes. If you were to stand on the other footprints during the Winter Solstice and Equinox the shadow would touch your toes. These footprints represent our carbon footprint.

This epiphany, this realization, alerts each of us to our monumental responsibility and obligation to this environment, our Mother Earth on which we exist. The existence of future generations remains in the balance.

Our responsibility. What will be left in Our Path? Despair and Anger.