In-Process Art


2019 Mass √F= Life
Fibanacci Sequence, Square Roots, Monoliths and Black Hole
14’ high x 110’ wide x 80’ deep, Multiple Pieces
Large scale relational Sculpture showing interconnection with the natural and mechanical worlds, penetrating through symbolic Earth.


2019 Hear Me, ME
materials to be determined
Figurative Sculpture/Contemporary Narrative involving two men, one young, one aged. The elder figure has positioned his hand on the young man. Listen. Look into my mirror, we are the same person.


2019 Dialogue n. v.
Abstract Mixed Medium; Glass, Bronze, Electronics
Figure seated at a smoked-glass table with empty elbow. Viewer sits in the empty chair positioned across table and pushes a red button. click, click, click. A wooden arm, suggestive of perishable earth, flips up into view, on its hand is a peace symbol. Stops in front of figure to present peace symbol to viewer. A pause, second rotation, arm clicks through its rotation through glass table and a second arm and hand emerges and presents itself. The second posture, aimed at face of viewer is a finger handgun, read at many levels, invokes necessary and difficult dialogue. Dialogue, a noun, a verb? That is the question.


2019 Smoke or Our Relationship with Mother Earth
Multi-media: Wood, bronze
Large globe with fractured hole. A burnt hand has been pulled from the heat and fire. This multi-material contemporary sculpture speaks to our relationship and responsibility to Earth.


2019 What’s Inside Me
Glass, bronze, mirrors, electronics
Multi-media installation recognizes our human condition and soul searching. Viewer peers into tall column, seeing into a mirror and into the chest of a bronze figure. As viewing happens a camera captures a photograph of observers close up eyes. Upon exiting the experience, the viewer receives a print out of his eyes with message, ‘what’s inside me’?