Despair and Anger


Steel, Bronze, Lighting, Poetry and Sound.


Experience Light, Sound, Poetry within a 10’ x 12’ darkened Space from a perspective of loss and the lack of power to control.

Appreciated from the Perspective of the Loved One, Not the Warrior.

When you first look at Despair And Anger. War you see one face. After careful consideration, you see two distinct emotions simultaneously. Listen to the prose. Become absorbed.

The powerful narrative emphasizes that too many circumstances and emotions are not always within our control. As Human Beings we have the capacity to feel more than one emotion at a time. The lack of control, knowing a potential extreme outcome and inability to react create in us Despair, Anger.

This abstract, raw and intense 90-second multi-sensory experience incorporates a focal point. A contemporary bronze sculpture, accompanied by sound and light ignite in us our own unique, visceral emotional reaction.

Despair and Anger. Feel Its Pain.